GHPython switched output variable

How to fix data stream to outputs? First time using GHPython the code works but is going through the wrong output. I would like it to go to the circles output, and the points to the arraypts output. Can someone explain to me the correct way to direct the outputs?

I’ve created a 2d grid with the circles coming from the center of the points. I want the points to come out of the arraypts output and the circles out of the circles output. Right now only the circles come out of the arraypts.

Post your file and there are better ways to create grid of points and circles

currently working on Section 2 highlighted in purple. (60.6 KB)

In your code you used the same name for point and circle.


And you don’t need ghpythonlib, use Rhino.Geometry or rhinoscriptsyntax

image (37.9 KB)

thank you. Thats much simpler to understand. I was just following the tutorial and trying to use the same things I was shown to make it happen. Do the names not have to be exact? circles vs circle?

circles and circle are not the same (plural vs singular)
You can use whatever you want but don’t use the same name twice for the same object or list …