GHPython, creating counter for two list


I am new for python for grasshopper so if I could say anything wrong, sorry.

Currently I am working on a project which contains two different list. First, one is partitioned by 5 and while these main list animating by slider I would like to run for each small list(5 values) one by one. I am designing a energy simulation project for neighbourhoods so in order to decrease computing cost I have to introduce each list (5 values) one by one. But first list do not wait for second list? How can I complete this task (12.8 KB)


Could elaborate more clearly what you are trying to do? I don’t know if its just me, but I don’t understand what you are trying to do. Maybe some advice. I’ve seen you are doing async stuff in Python. This is quite advanced and very hacky, so I guess you have downloaded these scripts. You say you are beginner with Python (at least in Grasshopper), so I wouldn’t start with such big steps unless you really know what’s going on.

Hello Tom,

You are quite right. Before writing this post I searched about my problem than I downloaded this script. Here is my aim, If you turn toggle to true, you will see that ‘List01’ will scan the values of ‘Main List’ by 5 values for each iteration. At the same time, I am aiming to see ‘List01’ values one by one in the ‘List02’. But currently, what you see is ‘List01’ does not wait enough time that ‘List02’ can show each value one by one.

I hope this answer is more clearer to explain the problem.

Sorry,I don’t know how to create a quick solution for this in Python.

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