GHPY: compile via external tool


I’d like to compile my python scripts to a .ghpy component, very similar to what is described in this awesome tutorial. It works fine, except I have two issues:

  1. Can I run the file (as in the linked tutorial) from a standalone IronPython console? (If I do so, then Grasshopper complains about not finding the module with the same name of my component.)

  2. I cannot recompile the .ghpy while it is loaded in Grasshopper: Aparently, Rhino locks the file so it cannot be overwritten. This happens no matter if I compile with my external IronPython or Rhino’s Python Editor. Is there any way around this? (it is noted here that it should work.)

Any help for either those two issues is greatly appreciated.

I’m running IronPython 2.7.9 (latest version as of now) and Rino Version 6 SR22 (6.22.20028.13281, 01/28/2020).