GH Python Script Editor Mac missing features

Hi guys,

Like everyone, I’m WFH these days and have been getting used to the Mac version of Rhino on my home iMac. The interface is obviously different, but I’m missing certain features that make life a lot easier on my work Windows computer.

The Mac Grasshopper Python Script Editor interface as it is, is very simplistic. Firstly there is no top toolbar with 'File, Edit, Tools, …'—when we click on the PSE window the top menu bar simply reverts to the usual Rhino menu. Secondly, there’s no Output tab at the bottom. But most unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an autocomplete function for writing scripts as there is in the Windows version. Unfortunately, I’m not yet a complete whizz at writing python code, so not having these prompts take a lot longer.

The Rhino Python Editor is also missing that tab that lists all of the rhinosyntax functions, making it really cumbersome to verify the names of each function.

Are these functions simply missing for Rhino Mac, or are they hidden away somewhere? And if that’s the case, does anyone have a good workflow for using the Mac version of GH and Rhino with Python?

Hi James-

Sorry for the delayed response. Hopefully it’s not too little too late.

Yes, the code editors on Mac lag far behind their Windows counterparts. However, this is an area of very active development. @Alain is taking the lead on this and things are moving quickly. He can bring you up to speed better than I can.

One question I did have was which version of Rhino for Mac are you testing? The reason I ask is that Autocomplete is working for me in Rhino for Mac 6.24 (6.24.20079.23332):


Hi James,

Yes, a code editor is being worked on right now and the focus has been on the editor itself and not so much the components using it like GhPython. But that is coming very soon.

Like Dan says, Autocomplete is working, so let me know if it indeed doesn’t for you.