GH_Python component Loft option

Could any of you please explain what are the valid loft options for the Loft GH_component?



Hi John,

Many thanks for the answer, but unfortunatelly something is still wrong.

This is the message: Expected at most 2 arguments:


Also not working this way:


The same issue was reported before: GhPython Node to Code - Loft: input 2 options. error: Data conversion failed from Text to Loft Options. A workaround with AddLoftSurface was reported as working. Does that work for you too?

This is tracked as RH-48617 Some component parameters are converted to strings instead of objects.

You can also skip the middlemen and implement a RhinoCommon method directly: (4.4 KB)

Thanks for your answer Pierre,

I have seen the recommended workaround in the first link.

I just would like to know how can I use the GH_component loft function in python code, and I supposed there is a way to provide the appropriate parameters in the python code.
Is there a way, or it is not possible?


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Currently it is not possible to use ghpython.components.LoftOptions(...) the way it is intended to be used. This is a bug on our side between the ghpython.components module and the typing of the outputs of the Grasshopper LoftOptions component.

Is there a reason why using rhinoscriptsyntax or RhinoCommon does not work for you? These two are are thin wrappers around the same core Rhino functions, as the Grasshopper Loft component. With some small interface adaptations I believe you should be able to get the same results out of all three.

Many Thanks Anders for your answer,

What you offered is a different methode, but works well.
(I still have to learn a lot)


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I am just learning Python, and I wanted to get to the bottom of this problem.
Now I know, that there is no way to program that way.

Thank you for your support!

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I have been using the ghpython componnents inside the Python in Grasshopper. This is a way to complement visual programming with textual programming in the same “language”. To skip rhinoscript is an intention. Looking forward to get an answer for this too.

RH-48617 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 9

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