GH 'node generator' (for 3d printing). Got one but need some basic HELP!

On this page you’ll find a link for a node generator.
For a design project, I need to make some small furniture type structures using 3d printed nodes.
I have a functional trial copy of Rhino and Grasshopper BUT… I’m at Rhino/GH low idiot level (at best) So… I can’t make it work… I have no other interest in Rhino other than to use it to create nodes for my tube/space/wire frame type structures. I CAN create the frames in cad, I just need the connectors/joints/nodes and it seems like this GH script (?) will do it for me.
Anyone want to, or know anyone who could, show me how to do this (I’ll pay an hourly rate obviously) One on one, online training, via teams or similar, whatever I can get. It’s a very specific need for Rhino/GH but that’s what I need.
Anyone help?