GH multipipe give spikes when there are sharp angle (25.8 KB)
file.txt (1.5 KB)
when I try to change nodeSize bigger, there are spikes come out affect the models make it not usable.
I know this limitation has existed for a long time. I would like to ask if there is a solution for this.
in this model all the point are generate by a python code and the position need to be fix. So i don’t knwo how to deal with it.
the text file are an example of import.

You either have short line segments or control points too close together.

Check this topic, there are a few solutions:

The base mesh of Multipipe gives harsh spikes at sharp angle node.

  1. Detect the spikes
  2. Smooth the spiky vertices

I guess this is the solution.

I can think of how to smooth the vertices, but have no idea how to define/find the spiky vertices. Anyone have an idea?

I simplified the gh file, it only contains the lines.
simplified version for (21.2 KB)

thanks for pointing out the issus.
I already read this post and try the [multipipe sharp].
I didn’t quite get how to use this file, i can’t make it work on my grasshopper. can you provide more info help me out?
I also try [ultipipe_smooth_curves] in that post it kind work for me but there also some problem.
It use wboffset to adjust the thickness after. But the reasult didn’t quite match the expect.

by incress the offset distance it seems incress some part of the thickness, but also reduce the thickness in some of the area. This part need to be 3d print in the end that’s why i need to increass the thickness. so it also wont work for me.
Do you have any other idea?

Thanks for you mention the potental solution.
I read the post you post before, it kind works for me but it have some issus mentioned up ward.
I don’t know weather the develper intened write mutiltpipe function like this or this is a bug. But i do think is possiable to rewrite the function to avoide this issus. instead of try to use grasshopper find the spiky vertices and remove it rewrite might be easier.
hope somebody can figuer it out.

For every curve, find the points which are within a distance twice the radius of the multipipe.

Split the lines at those points and use all other points as FixPoints in the topologizer.

This should eliminate spikes. (46.0 KB)

In a second step, lines shorter than maybe 1.5 - 2 could be stretched / scaled with a Kangaroo definition.

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Try to solve the Multipipe spikes (771.3 KB)

I guess I found a solution to solve this my long-time headache by eliminating the spikes in the base mesh.
The solution applies the logic I mentioned previously.

  1. Detect the spikes
  2. Smooth the spiky vertices

I’m not sure if this can apply to every case.
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Seems like this works perfectly for my old problem.