GH Mesh|Mesh Intersection unexpectedly closes this polyline

Hey guys,

I got this bug when intersecting two meshes consisting of quadfaces:

For some reason it considers the intersection a closed curve. With more complicated meshes I sometimes get a zigzag pattern following the diagonals of some of the quadfaces the first mesh. When I triangulate the first mesh the problem disappears, sometimes.

Does anybody else get this bug? It seems to have appeared somewhere between Rhino 7.1 and Rhino 7.6… (249.9 KB)

in Rhino 7.7.21131.13001, date 2021-05-11 they both are open curves

options → update and statistics → service release candidate

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Hi @wybrentencate

and thank you @inno. I want to know more about this problem and will look at this more carefully in the next days.

I reported the bug at RH-64254.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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