GH > Inventor like GH > Revit

Does anyone know if there’s an add-in for Rhino/GH that makes a live connection to Autodesk Inventor?


Hi Cadman777, Not to my knowledge. We provide examples and the framework for others to develop the Rhino.Inside.‘X’. Rhino.Inside.Tekla is a great example. This is primarily due to us not knowing the Inventor workflows and API. With Rhino.Inside.Revit we have Ehsan and others that could move that along.

The progress of M.I.D (Manufacture Informed Design) shows potential in getting in the middle and going both directions for content creation vs someone doing a Rhino.Inside.Inventor

Here’s an example where a 3rd Party created Rhino.Inside.Microstation

Thanks for the update.
Too bad nobody in the Inventor community has ‘stepped up’ on this project.
I’m not a coder, so I can’t do it.
The Inventor developers expect all of use end-users to learn iLogic/VBA/VB.Net or C++ to create macros for our work. Some of us (I dare say most of us) can’t do it. I tried, but have too many other things competing in my brain to find room in there for coding. However, I found GH to be relatively easy to learn for some tasks. I ranted in the Inventor forum about Autodesk’s decision to offer a macro language as a CODE language instead of as a GRAPHICAL language. Graphic languages have been around for decades. Anyway…thanks for the input.