Gh file size changed when zoom in/out

I notice that when zoom in the definition the size of gh file decreased and vice versa, i think this also available in Photoshop.


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I bet it’s because it’s saving a screenshot for Win Explorer preview.

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I don’t see the preview in Windows explorer

When you open multiple files in Grasshopper you have a list top-right. There you have previews.

The file saves the thumbnail picture. If the image has less information, it has less size.

You mean when i open a file?
Yes i always did that but i can’t see preview, or i need to activate an option in windows?

I mean this:

inside Grasshopper top-right. My wild guess was wrong about WinExplorer

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Ok i understand , the preview there also changed instantly

I guess you’re Right about this, we can check the thumbnail bitmap data if we save our file in *.ghx format, under the
<chunk name="Thumbnail">:

But if I’m not mistaken that preview you’re taking about generates dynamically.
One place I’m sure using the thumbnail is recent file section: