GH/Elefront: Block variant difference?

Hi all,

I created a Block in Grasshopper and want to reference an instance (or, many instances). But I find at least three (actually four) different ways or components to access the block, so what is the difference between the three pictured variants? (the fourth variant is called “Import Linked Block”)

Of the three variants pictured below, the lowest is named “Reference Block By Name”, but also the middle Blocki component is referenced by Name while named Insert Block (By Name). So what does “reference” really mean here?

I want to use (technical) Block References (actually hundreds of copies of Block instances) but which one(s) of the three pictured components will return a reference (or, instance) as opposed to…, well, who knows what? All three returns the desired geometry, but if they are all the same, why is there three variants, and what is the difference? Confusing.

Edit: Adding that “Elefront” is the plugin that the Block components comes from.
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What plugin are those components from?

Hm, I never checked where they came from, assuming they were part of basic GH. I just typed “block” in the search field. But now I realize that blocks are part of the Elefront plugin.

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I’m sorry @RIL for off topic but I found myself many times wondering where the component comes from…
@DavidRutten: Is there any chance to add to the wish list “plugin name on component hover” ?

Please see: Where is this component, and how can I find it.

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ohhh ok sorry…ctr+alt
learning something new every day…RTFM Lukasz

@RIL Does the example file posted here by @ramon help to clarify the components?

The example shows that there’s a component dedicated for baking (fine, because my own script for baking failed for Blocks while working fine for regular gh Breps). I will study the examples to figure out the differences between the components.

So, it looks like I’m going to be able to find my way forward, especially now when I’m made aware of that blocks are handled by the Elefront plugin… :slight_smile:

Baking manually already worked fine, but I need 100% automation of the drawing process.

Looking promising this.

// Rolf

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