GH definition of Pentagon tiling, type 7. Application to library design

This post may interest some designers interested in the application of mathematics to library design.

A library is a stack of shelves for storing books. A perceived problem in standard library design is that the pattern can be perceived as a bit boring. The proposed solution to the boredom problem is to use a slightly irregular pattern.

The proposed solution leverages findings from mathematics in plane tiling with pentagons (see Pentagonal tiling - Wikipedia and Indeed, mathematicians have devised 15 different types of tiling. One of them, the type 7, is intriguing for two reasons:

  • its pattern is a fine mixture of regularity and disorder (see picture above)
  • all edges can have the same length. Hence, if you drill holes on each edges at the same place, holes of adjacent edges will match, leading to a simple assembly solution.

Note: the attached GH definition was developed with rhino for mac.
pentagon tiling type 7 (32.1 KB)