Floret pentagonal Tiling , indexing hex grid with modulo formula

I am trying to reproduce the floret pentagonal tiling in gh in grasshopper, using a formula (x + 4 * y)% 7 to index the hex cells as in the image. to then apply the geometric operations in order to create the pentagons. I seem to be close to the solution but not quite. Any suggestions are welcome.Thanks

floret_pentagonal_tiling.gh (19.6 KB)

Anyone helping me? Nobody can care about this beautiful pattern?:pray:

Floret pentagonal tiling.gh (17.1 KB)

Keep in mind that doing all this forcely only with grasshopper is pretty dumb (but fun).
The right thing to do is to make the “module” on rhino with correct proportions and aligment/rotation (30 sec work) and then reference to grasshopper, scale, array:

Smart thing to do is using Rhino and Grasshopper.


I tried for a good 20 minutes doing it, always starting from a hexagonal grid
I suffered a lot and gave up at last…
this solution is today’s smartest thing :clap:

Yes, you’re right, it would have been easier that way, but carrying out this methodology was also an opportunity to experiment with indexing a hexagonal grid using this formula module which is also useful for other purposes. Anyway thanks Riccardo.

Think Riccardo if I wanted to tessellate a surface. I could create a hexagonal grid on it, for example with lunch box plugin and through this formula recreate the floret pentagonal tiling on it.

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