Gh Component Right Click as Check list option


if its not much to ask

(David Rutten) #2

Checks for what? You mean you do not want the menu to close once an item on it is clicked?


yes, this will allow multiple check options .
(obviously flatten can not be checked with graft).

its all about speeding up things :slight_smile: cheers

(David Rutten) #4

Well, you can email Microsoft and yell at them for a bit for creating such a crappy UI platform. Way back when I was using RiscOS instead of Windows menus would stay open if items were clicked with the right-mouse-button instead of the left, but MS never adopted such a scheme.

Creating an entirely new menu framework from scratch is not going to happen for Grasshopper 1.0, buy maaaaaaybe with Eto and Grasshopper 2.0 we can make menus not auto-close.