I can’t see a ggETABS2017 plugin on your download page. Has it been removed, and if so, why? Is there a problem with it? I am just about to load it again using a version I downloaded previously - ggRhino6ETABS17 v0.2.12.msi. Is that OK?

Thanks for posting. I’ve just refreshed the page and it should be there now, let me know if you have problems.

Hope you’re great,



PS Off-topic, but would you have heard of a way of transferring Solidworks to Revit (maintaining “intelligent object data”)? I don’t have more information than this, but if you might have something, I will put a colleague in touch with you.

Happy to have a look at it. Solidworks can export IFC4 by the look, so we can test the quality of the model and how it translates to Revit.

Great, thank you. I will respond in a new thread if I get anything back from my colleagues.