Get points nearest to boundary curve

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is there a option to get the nearest points to the boundary curve by radius toleranz ?


Does this quick writeup help:

t = rs.CurveClosestPoint(curve_id,test_point)
curve_point = rs.EvaluateCurve(curve_id,t)
distance = rs.Distance(test_point,curve_point)

you first get the closest point to the curve and than get the distance and do something based on that distance


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try at the moment


and will check after that your option.


If you are are working with Rhino Common already you should not user rhinoscriptcontext(rs)
rs.CurveClosestPoint() uses Rhino.Geometry.Curve.ClosestPoint().

As for Rhino.Geometry.Curve.ClosestPoint() can be passed a maximumDistance, functioning as your desired distance to boundary filter:

ClosestPoint(self: Curve, testPoint: Point3d, maximumDistance: float) -> (bool, float)


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tried this

import Rhino as rh
a = [rh.Geometry.Curve.ClosestPoint(x,i,20.0) for i in y]

and got this list , need to check if the bool pattern is the right points.Unbenannt

maybe there is a way to work with collection.pointlist instead of iterating throught list


How about:

import Rhino as rh
close_pts = []
for pt in y:
    bln,t = rh.Geometry.Curve.ClosestPoint(x,pt,20.0)
    if bln:

a = close_pts


Big thanks again,

your code looks really clean and easy to follow.
I tried


It workes but clean is something else.
Good to know that rhinoscriptsyntax use RhinoCommon, didn’t know that.
Also thanks for this example i always forget that multiple variables are possible.

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