Get point on Mesh

I m trying to create a component to get a point with constrain on mesh.
i can hide the convas, get the mesh and constrain on the mesh.
but i have to move the vue before picking the point on mesh.

Does anyone nox hox to do it ?
Here is my gh file:

get point (3.9 KB)

Your script works, the only problem is that you need to have a mesh object in Rhino, because you hide Grasshopper. You could for instance temporarily bake the Grasshopper mesh, select the point, and delete the mesh.

I temporarily bake the Grasshopper mesh, select the point, and delete the mesh in the exemple.

The probleme is after the canvas hide and before picking the point i have to clic on a view .
Then i am able to pick a point on mesh.

Like if i still on the canvas after it hide.

This method uses Azimuth and Altitude (white group) to pick a point, no Python.

get point (9.1 KB)

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Thanks for sharing i like this option.

But i m trying to make a tool that will make the same thing that “set one point” with a constrain on a mesh When a boolen == True

You delete the mesh before prompting to select a point!
Move rs.DeleteObject(M) to the end of the script.

I tried to delete the meshe at the end, but it doesn 't change the problème in my case, did you test in on rhino 6 ?

I have now! This works for me in both Rhino 6 and the latest version of Rhino 7.

and when you set the boolean toggle True, you don’t have to click on a rhino view before clicking on the mesh ?

The strange thing is when i run test inside the python editor, i don,t have to click on a view, i tried on rhino6 and 7 to.

No, Grasshopper gets hidden and I can immediately select a mesh point in my active viewport.

Do you mean the Python editor from Rhino?


Ok it,s strange i have to click 2 time

Maybe that’s a difference between Rhino on Windows and macOS then?