Get parent of connected component?

I want to retrieve a long list of parameter names using Metahopper and the “connected Objects” component is good for that. But only as long as things are directly connected.

We all know connecting multiple outputs into 1 input is bad, because you are not clear what the order will be. Using Merge helps with that.

But now how do I get the names of the parent of the connected?

It seems like Metahopper is missing just one output of the direct ascendants of something and then you could traverse through and get information about things connected higher up.

Anybody know of a solution to this? (14.6 KB)

I guess I could do this, but it somehow seems like overkill. I have like a hundred parameters.

I noticed that Param Info has a “sources” output, which is what I need. But why does Object info not have that output? That would be what I need, so I can connect it to the Merge.

Object Info doesn’t have a “sources” output because while all Components and Params are Objects, not all Objects are Components or Params (and therefore not all objects have sources). You can connect ObjectInfo to the Sources output though:

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