Get file path doesn't show prompt

Hello everyone,
Here’s my 1st topic in this forum.
I want to use the prompt message in contectual Get file path and it doesn’t show up in rhino. The prompt for Get Number is perfectly working.
Thanks for your help

Hi Guillaume -

I’m not sure what can be done here. Where would you expect that prompt to appear?

Hmm… Yeah, I’m not sure how to help here. The Context Get File Path is setup to simply open a file dialog menu to set the file path. I guess you could put in a Context Get Boolean component (place it above the Context Get File Path component on your Grasshopper canvas) and specify a prompt there… like “You’re about to select a file. Ready to proceed?” and then set True/False values to “Yes” and “No”. But then even if you select no, it would probably still open the File Dialog menu. Still, would that help?

Hi Andy,
Thank you for your answer and the tip. It could be a workaround.
I think it should state in the context get file path a message. The prompt message could appear in the windows loading file. I’m loading files with a different Context Get File path and i don’t know to mix up.
Have a good day

Hi Win,
Thank for your message. The prompt message could appear in the windows loading file may be.
Have a good day

Are you saying that you want the prompt to override the open file dialog title? What is wrong with the existing title?
Screenshot 2022-11-17 081818

Sorry for the late answer.
When user wants to load several files with several Context Get File path, he can be lost.
My idea was that the prompt message could replace the message “Select one existing file”.