Get dimension point

Hello everybody,
Is it posible with python to get the points of a linear dimension? because i dont see any function in the website.

Thanks in advance,

Jose Verdu,

Hi Jose - if points (grips) are on you can get these from RhinoObject.GetGrips in RhinoCommon or plus a number of ObjectGrip functions in rhinoscriptsyntax - you’ll need to sort out which grips are which for a particular dimension though.


Thank you very much. i have taken the code from the website rs.GetObjectGrips and seems to work fine.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
curves = rs.GetObjects(“Select curves”)
if curves:
for curve in curves:
grips = rs.GetObjectGrips(“Select curve grips”)
if grips:
for grip in grips:
print grip