Get data structure from rhino into grasshopper

Hi all,

If i “set multiple points” in grasshopper from rhino (created with array command) its a flat list with 100 points.
If i create the same points with the same arrays in grasshopper i get a data structure.

At the moment i bake the geometry with data tree (elefront/human) and get it bake to grasshopper to get a geometry in rhino with a data tree.

Is there a way to get a data structure directly from rhino into grasshopper or is the “set multiple points” always a flat tree.?

As far as I know the set multiple is flat. You could use components like partition list or match tree.

If you use the Geometry Cache object you can bake and reference shapes while keeping their data layout.

However data created in Rhino without specific user data which describes layout is always flat. You can’t even rely on the order of objects to be what you think it should be. If you pick points one at a time you can control the order, but if you window select them they may appear in any order.

Referencing a large amount of data and organising it in GH can be cumbersome, difficult or even impossible. It usually involves some sorting and, as @Michael_Pryor said, things like partition, list item, or culling.

Thanks both of you for the infomation.

In my view the data management in grasshopper is just WOW and i get better and better.
In the specific use case i need the option to move points by hand “geometry cache” sounds like the right option.

So THANKS again for your help.

I construct my trees via Attributes, allowing me to go back and forth. A number of plugins are available to do this; Human, Elefront, Heteroptera and others.

This requires elefront. Once baked the points can be moved and still referenced in via the same tree structure. Do note if you bake again the movements points will revert to the original grid, so plan accordingly. (7.2 KB)
rhino_points.3dm (152.2 KB)

Thanks Rickson for your example file.

As i mentioned in my first post i used already elefront and human (great stuff) and tested also geometry cache. All of them work great but only human with the reinstate node work in realtime all other solutions need a hit on the update button.

Thanks to all for the great support.

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