Geometry Randomization Within Selected Group of Points

Hi Everyone, I am kinda stuck with my script at the moment. So if I have a group of points that I want to randomly assign a certain geometry to according to the percentage, how should I go about it?

So I have 3 different types of geometry, and I would like to assign, for example 20% of geometry 1, 30% of geometry 2 and 50 % of geometry 3. However, I would like to randomise these selections within the set of points. I currently have the script for randomising the points, and the script for the control of percentages, but I am confused as to how I can connect them both.

Randomising Geometry.3dm (198.2 KB)
Randomising (26.7 KB)

Jitter? It’s very handy for this sort of thing…

@Joseph_Oster is correct
here’s how to use jitter in your script

Thank you so much for the quick reply!!! :slight_smile: it works perfectly!

Thank you so much for the quick reply and showing me how to input it into the script! It works very well!!! learned a new component today :slight_smile:

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