Geometry input inconsistencies - meta data

I need to upload a 3D file (DXF) with additional metadata for classification and description of each part to ShapeDiver.

My current idea is to generate a DXF file from my rhino (with Pancake) parallel with a TXT file containing metadata in the same order. When I working with native “Import 3DM” components order is correct. When I am using “SDgeometry input” the order is unpredictable for me at the moment.

Is there a way to have synchronized data?

I tried to upload to SD her: Metadata - ShapeDiver
Geometry.dxf (271.7 KB)
Metadata.txt (87 Bytes)

Here is evidence:

I know that native support of importing Rhino files is on the way and it could solve the problem pretty much. Is there any way to have at least access to materials are you already testing for a couple of weeks, since I like to have an idea of what could I do with that?

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I am sure that @etkinadav has to solve the problem in his project here:

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The best you can do now is to easily split the DXF into curves, points and meshes and then use geometrical checks to sort them. Support for 3DM imports is coming later this year.