Geometrical entity "ghost"

Hello Forum,

“gost” is not for sure the proper word, but nothing better came up to my mind…

I need a copy of a geometrical entity in a different location such that if I modify the first, the second is modified in the same way.

Example: I have a circus and its copy somewhere else. When modify its radius and color of the first, the second automatically is changed in the same way.

Is there such a thing in Rhino?

Thanks L

Maybe blocks?


thanks, It works.

Exploding and redefining are not so immediate. Is there a way to set anything inside a bounding box to have this property?

Thanks. L

After you define your first block, you can copy it or insert new instances of it via the Insert command. To edit the contents of the block you don’t need to explode it, you can just double-click and edit its contents thus updating every instance of that block. This is very well explained in the link I posted before.


perfect! What about changing a block member propertiy such as its color without exploding?

Thanks. L

You don’t need to explode a block to modify its content. You just need to double-click it to begin editing it.