Creating attractor points for scaling based on a non-uniform grid?

Fairly new to Grasshopper and still learning. I have created a simple script for a 2D pattern in Grasshopper based off of a very simple algorithm that was designed by my partner in a group project we are working on for class. The algorithm she gave me produced fairly bland results (i.e. just a few rectangles scaled and rotated by the same degree), so I was trying to spice things up by turning them into a grid in which I assigned circles at the cell centerpoints that changed scales based on attractor points. I know how to do this with a uniform square grid, but am having issues with the circles scaling when I plug everything in the same way and use my rectangles as the grid instead of the square grid. Any tips on how to get the circles to scale based on the attractor points?
Thanks in advance.

My (84.2 KB)

My (83.1 KB)