How to modify the materials of the "Generic model" family made using "Rhino.inside"

I used the rhinoinside component to create and position the “generic model” family.

However, I don’t know how to control the variables for the material.

I tried to access the identity of the family, but the result was not good.

To add materials to the Family Forms use the Add Family Form component to associate the Brep and the material together:

While that component will also associate subcategories with each Form.

There is also a subcategory creator coming:

After that I think it is easiest to just modify the material directly. We also have components coming for that also. There are prototype components here:

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Thank you very much!
Have a nice day~

I’m uploading a video about “Rhinoside,” so please pay attention.
Link :

Nice collection of videos.

I see you also write some of your own plugins and components. We have many samples of using the Revit API in grasshopper components. Would that help?

What other workflows are you looking to create with Rhino.Inside?

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