Generating lattice structures in Grasshopper

Hi there,
I would like to use a plug in for lattice geometry in Grasshopper. Interlace does not have a plug for Mac and it has not been updated since 2018.
Crystallon looks interesting they offer a zip file for mac, but it does not work at all. Nothing to download related to grasshopper. Any ideas on plug ins for lattice geometries, or ways to get those 2 plug ins to work?

There are support resources for this tool here:

Crystallon | Food4Rhino

and here:

Crystallon - Grasshopper

– Dale

There is no download that works for Mac. It shows a file but when it is downloaded there are no grasshopper icons to place in my library. It looks like it has not been updated for Rhino 7. Do not know. But it does not work.