Issues uploading [GH files that used to upload OK before]

Hello Forum. I’ve not used the Shape Diver platform to upload a model for an iFramefor a while.
When I tried to upload a new Grasshopper model an error message appears (see image).
The upload does complete…and the browser is caught in a loop and has to be refreshed.
This used to upload OK before.
Any suggestions for a successful upload would be most welcome.
The same thing happens on the new Beta version.
Kind regards.

The error happened due to an invalid domain name being attached to your user. I have removed the domain, which should fix the problem, please try again. Of course this should not happen, you should not even be able to enter an invalid domain name, this will be fixed very soon.

Some examples of valid domain names:

Some examples of invalid domain names:

Thank you @snabela

One more follow on question/enquiry - @snabela
The previous Shape diver platform used a single long string of numbers and letters for the iFrame embedding.
Now the new beta version uses a different format which is not allowing me to embed the iFrame.
Previous, I could simply cut and paste the new iFrame number in my code…but now this isn’t working.
Any suggestion on how I might solve the issues I have…in copying and pasting the correct iframe code to my website?
Kind regards,
(example of the new iFrame code:



The long string which you are referring to is what we call the “ticket”. The new iframe code still contains a ticket for your model, you will see it if you paste the copied iframe code to a text editor.

Thank you for your message.
Yes, I tried the pasting.
This is the ticket as an image:

Previously it was just the long string that at copied…and I pasted it inside some inverted commas in the text editor code.
I’m not too up on coding [as you can probably tell]…but these changes are still a mystery to me.
Yours hopefully,

Perhaps these images might clarify…

  • the second image is the message on my website’s iFrame

The domain is probably not configured for the model which is identified by the ticket.

Also please note that accessing the API of the viewer is not a feature included in the Designer plan. We offer an upgrade for this purpose. While technically it is currently still possible to use the viewer’s API without this upgrade when using the iframe code of viewer version 2, this loophole will be dropped. When developing a new application I would also recommend you to make use of viewer version 3, for the reasons described here.

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Thanks #snabela.
I seem to have made it work by cutting only the string from the ticket - see image…and then pasting it into my code.
Thanks for your comments…I’ll look into these issues.
Do you happen to know of a good learning source for this area of Grasshopper/Shape Diver coder (re: Youtube or other online learning resources perhaps).
Kind regards,