Generate curves around a circle

(Clément Boissier, 21, France)

Hello there ! I successful create multiple individual shapes :


With the following program :

But I can not understand how to follow a form other than parallel !

Let me explain,

I would like this shape to follow the contours of a circle :

(I created this computeur drawing by hand not with a program)

My question is how to modify the code to implement this constraint ?

My only find is the creation of three point circle :

Someone may have any ideas ?
Thank you in advance for your help !


What code?

This one :

who do this :


That’s not code, it’s only a screen image of code. Useless. Please read this, esp. #3:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files (12.4 KB)
Oh yes sorry !

And I have find this :

but in 3:20 I need to replace squares by this type of shapes :


Thank you very much for your answers Joseph :slight_smile:

You didn’t internalize your geometry so the GH file is useless.


Attaching a Rhino 6 .3dm file won’t do me any good because I can’t open it in R5, so internalized geometry is the way to go.

But hey, three strikes and you’re out! Explaining (AGAIN!!!) how to ask questions on this forum and begging for your data is B.S. (nonsense) Not cool.

Hi Clement - As Joseph writes, it is very hard to help you if you don’t provide the information that is needed to be able to help.

That said, here’s a simple example of how to create geometry in a circle - you’ll have to adapt it to your needs…
Polar (14.1 KB)

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Given the initial description:

That suggests to me that the shapes are not identical so polar array won’t work. More likely Orient from their initial position to Perp Frames around a circle?

I think one can be forgiven for not knowing these things on their very first post. That 3 strikes and you’re out rule is new to me. If it doesn’t conform to your standards you can just decide not to answer and move on. Don’t we want to encourage newcomers to Rhino, GH and this forum to actively participate??


Baseball. No geometry included in the initial post, plus I tried politely twice in this thread to get access to the model. Three fails. What are people thinking when questions are posed this way?

Thank you so much wim for your reply !

It’s very close to my problem I really appreciate it.
I understand more or less the written code very well compressed, but after reflection I dont see how to have two shape in parameters.

Let me explain :

I would love to modulate the duplication in two point may be ? Like in 0° and 180° to have like a sinwave form.
I try for this to link an other shape but I dont realy know all the function you used.

Thank you so much for your precious help ! :slight_smile:

To return to my previous post I would like to clarify that I am trying to understand the software Rhino and GH and actually I just saw through your file that it is possible to import shapes into an GH file.
I will do my best for my next post :wink:

I’m sorry Joseph, I am a real very newbies ! And thanx Wim I saw it is possible to add a shape on GH thanx “internalise data”.
I did not have understand the proximity between the two software !

Now I understand and I already learned several things thanks to the answers :wink:

Don’t worry, we all got this wrong the very first time. I didn’t know I had to internalize data and all that for my first post many years ago.

Baseball has rules because many people are participating in it so they come to that agreement to have set rules. Not many people play professional baseball with rules and it’s their very first game ever. I just imagine Joseph saying to a little kid on his very first baseball game ever “3 strikes and you’re out … rules are rules” and the kid bursts into tears, because he didn’t even know that was a rule :joy:


And yet… The geometry referred to in the OP STILL hasn’t been posted. So the question hasn’t been answered.

You are right !
But now I think I’m going to build on the progress of Wim qui propose ce fichier :

But I am once again blocked by the understanding of the code which does not allow me to add waveforms. I would love to modulate the duplication in two point may be ? Like in 0° and 180° to have like a sinewave form.

Like my draw :

I dont know if I am cleary ?
Thank you in advence for your help :wink:

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Here is my super quick attempt to solve this. Probably not very efficient, but it works. I just loft between 3 curves and then slice those, extrude them and arrange them along a curve.

What you will notice is that Perp Frame does not always align the axis the same way. Sometimes X will point up or down between 2 different curves. I never thought it would be like that, but its suprisingly tricky (mathematically) to always get the frames aligned in a way that seems logical to us. So in this case you would think that the axis point the same way for the straight line and the circle. There have been many posts about this on here, so for now just accept it and try to work around it. I have not found a satisfactory solution that always works.

Hope this helps you a bit. (19.4 KB)

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Try with Flow


Pavilion Re (88.7 KB)

I some how manage to create ekko pavilion from that i tried to achieve your desired pavilion. Check it

Spl thanks: @wim @seltzdesign i was stuck in between while trying after yours i got clear idea about it.

Best regards,


You can use Graph Mapper for varying height of the profiles.

Polar (16.6 KB)


Of course we are all stumbling to make it work and then Kim swoops in with like the perfect solution :wink: