Galaxy plugin : solar system simulation early stage c# OpenSource

The Purpose of Galaxy is to allow for user simulations of our galaxy made simple. The entire project is open source and can be viewed here : It will later be integrated in a Node.JS application that allows you to view and interact with model from your browser. The formulas are correct up to Relative Theory, the units used were meters instead of AU, will need to code a AU/meters converter. The project takes into account the following parameters : Planet names, distances from the sun, masses, perigees, apogees, semimajoraxis, semiminoraxis, eccentricity, orbit period. It will also take into account : v: orbital velocity T: orbital period G: gravitational constant (6.67 * 10^-11 N * m^2 / kg^2) M: mass of the sun (in kilograms) r: distance of the planet from the sun (in meters) a: semi-major axis of the orbit (in meters) e: eccentricity of the orbit E: eccentric anomaly This is a project made out of passion which is why It’s complitely open source.

Video preview : Galaxy Plugin : Solar System simulation early stage RhinoCommon C# open source in Rhino. - YouTube

Source code click here :
Source Code

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