Galapagos wait for simulation to finish

Hi all!

I am teaching a seminar where we will build WASP aggregations with Fologram.

We are defining rules and creating brick aggregations and simulating them with PhysX.GH.

I would like to use the output of the PhysX simulation as a fitness criterion for Galapagos. However, PhysX is iterative and the output is only meaningful after some loops.

Is there a way for Galapagos to wait for a few loops of the simulation before it gets the fitness value and change the genome values for the next simulation? Something like one would do using zombie kangaroo?


Not sure this will fit your model but…

Use 2 stages. One galapagos to find the first fitness → dam → then second stage solver…

Why don’t you use the Zombie Solver instead? Both Kangaroo and PhyX.GH seem to be able to do very similar things. Kangaroo can also do rigid body simulations, if that’s what you’re aiming for.