Galapagos, gene pool

I came across a problem that the combinations from Gene pool are not always what I want. Is there any ways to delete the gene combinations that I do not want because there is no need to calculate its fitness if the combination does not meet the individual generation condition.

For example, I’d like to use Galapagos to optimize the ground solar radiation. I know for variables in the gene pool, each variant combination refer to an individual, and will pass into the Galapagos to do the evaluation. in my test case, 4 genes in the pool refer to the number of stories of each building on site, which is the design variables determine the building height. I would like to keep a specific FAR=1. (FAR=area*total stories/site) so that the total stories should be kept as 100. but the sum combinations from 4 genes variants would be smaller or larger than 100. Is there any ways to delete those combinations? or is there any methods to modify the gene pool value?

You penalize any results that are not at 100. Meaning you increase the result value by a factor of 1000 when you are solving to minimise, or you set the result to -1 if you are trying to maximise.

do you mean i penalize the fitness value?

Yeah. The fitness value will determine what is kept through each iteration, so you penalize it such that it throws out unwanted attempts.

It worked! Penalty method is really useful for constrained optimization problem.
Thanks a lot for your help. :grimacing: