G3 For MatchSrf?

I’ve noticed that on quite a few commands in V7, G3 (and even G4) continuity has been added - BlendSrf, BlendCrv etc. Curiously though, there’s no ability to do a G3 MatchSrf! Any chance of getting G3 added to MatchSrf?


just curious to know, why would you want a G3 continuity - just for the surface to blend in even smoother? Can you tell the difference between G2 and G3?


I most often need it when I’m filling in an n-sided hole where the edges are blends (at least some of them), and I’m hoping to fill that hole G2. What I’ve found is that in cases like this - the really tricky stuff where most people would resort to Patch and such, if you go one level higher on your surrounding geometry it’s much much easier to hit your target. So, in essence, I would like G3 because it can help me hit G2.


You can feel the difference between g3 and g2 when touching them.