Further GUI issues

Nice padding.

If Eto is not working well, move away from it.

I find it bad, prefer using WPF/XAML or WinForms.

That is very old UI and is not even Eto. Second, Eto is WPF on Windows.

Ehh … This padding is for a reason:

@stevebaer but i agree that it could be adaptive :upside_down_face:

Sure; I was just getting a little defensive about Eto as the comments were incorrect.

I used to use System.Windows.Forms for my GUI’s but have been able to move to Eto and get excellent results. Plus now my GUI’s are compatible with Mac users, a very positive gain.


Yeah, a lot of people get defensive rather quick around here.

I had the impression that the full GUI is moved to Eto by now.
I haven’t experienced such GUI problems with my work with Rhino3,Rhino4 nor Rhino5.

I think selecting sub-elements deserves its own toolbar.

Wrap those up here and put screens what bothers you. My feelings to Eto was initally
ambivalent. Until i wrote few lines using Eto and realized that it is solving looooots of problems in portability. Sometimes needs few workaround here and there and still could be improved visually but without doubt i will use Eto in future (only exception here would be rly complex ui layout with nested stuff in nested stuff etc.)

I’m “old school” ctrl+shift+lmb is the best :upside_down_face:

I am a windows guy. Really don’t care about that. I think Mac should have its own GUI library that best fits and not having a single one that kinda works in both systems.

I don’t agree here - with Eto i can do plugins usable on Mac without even having a Mac - btw. indeed i don’t have any :smiley: