Automatically enable FromLastPoint UseLastDistance UseLastDirection in Copy

Hello All!

I am trying to find a way to make the copy command always have FromLastPoint UseLastDistance and UseLastDirection set to true.

I find myself always hitting my shortcut for copy C followed by picking my base point, then hitting F U and S.

I was looking at creating a script but that seems redundant since the copy command contains the features I’d like, I’d just prefer them to always be enabled.

Thank you!

Hello - here’s a macro:
! _Copy _Pause _Pause _Pause _FromLastPoint=_Yes _UseLastDistance=_Yes _UselastDirection=_Yes

Does that do what you want?



This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you Pascal. :smiley:

My way of working with this - as I personally do not want this as an always-on option - was to make an alias ‘ddd’ which is

_FromLastPoint=_Yes _UseLastDistance=_Yes _UseLastDirection=_Yes

So when I need it, I call the copy command, set the first copy, then type ddd / Enter and continue placing more copies with click, click, click. I generally use this for making stairs and the like, or as a cheap linear array…