From wax to jewellery metal casting

I have just begun jewellery modelling (self-taught) in Rhino. As I am in the jewellery trade anyway, but never on the CAD side I wanted to know how much difference do you allow for shrinkage when you print a wax to casting .

Hope that question makes sense.

thank you.

Hello - this is not a Rhino question,if I understand you, but a general one for jewelers, and from what I can tell in a quick search, the answer is ‘it depends’. I don’t think this forum exactly provides the most fertile soil for this question to produce a detailed and useful answer - you never know, but I’d poke around more jewelry-centric forums and searches.


Any links to jewelry forums with wax casting info would be appreciated, thanks in advance

I would say it depends on the wax the printer uses. Contact the people that made the printer and see what they say/

About 1.50%.