From Rhino to cnc

Hi there all!
I wanted to ask a question about preparing rhino objects to be cut in the cnc.
I have this sequence of objects that I would like to distribute one by one linearly so I can see them and check for any issues. Kind of trying to lie them flat in a consecutive order.

They come like this originally.

I was thinking of using the command distribute and then rotate and align them. But ofcourse the objects that are on top of eachother do not remain like that but end up kind of like this

The red objects are going to be used to guide the cnc where to fillet the edges of the wooden construction (i am also very new in cnc so maybe I am thinking about this wrong, I have been following advice of the people who use it)

Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you very very much,

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For orientation you can use OpenNest:

Upload file if you need help.

Depending on CNC post processing software top and bottom outlines is enough to cut such geometries.

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thank you ! i will try and get back to you if i need more help!

After you get your parts flat, depending on what cnc software you use, some CAM nesting features offer the ability to do the nesting better. They might be more competent and flexible in the layout with automatic adjustment to tool offsets, sheet distribution, etc. For your pannels it should be easy to do by hand too.

In some cases, i found it was easier to do part of the nesting layout by hand to reduce material waste.

RhinoCam has a tool that will explode your model into individual parts. align them to the top control plane and arrange them along the x or y axis with user defined gap. There are options to set output layers, coplanar curves and more. Also a nesting module to handle more complex optimization. I can recommend this highly-works great for setting up for machining and I sometimes also use it to generate a layout with all the parts for an assembly instruction document.

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