From Rhino Command to GH

Hi Everyone

I am pretty new at coding in GH and in python.

I have an issue

I have written a macro inside python calling rhino commands

So I’m selecting objects in rhino

But i would then like to to get this objects into grasshopper

so far I have this

rs.Command("-_SelWindow “+ str(pnt0[0])+”,"+str(pnt0[1])+","+str(pnt0[2])+" “+str(pnt1[0])+”,"+str(pnt1[1])+","+str(pnt1[2])+", “+str(pnt1[0])+”,"+str(pnt1[1])+","+str(pnt1[2]))#+" Enter")

Which basically selects all the objects inside a rectangle I have set

My issue now is how do i feed that geometry into the GH since it is selected bu it is selected in rhino

Any help would be highly appreciated.

I’m sure it’s something absurdly easy, but I’m a newb in python