From birds nest to conventional house - intersection between Brep and plane - second part

I’m continuing with questions divided into manageable portions,
and I’m still referring to OM. egvo’s video on how to make birds nest, the link is here:

In my previous post I had questions regarding the generation of beams based on intersections between a “facade” and som randomly generated planes. In this post a have questions regarding the division of the “facade” into smaller panels. Further on down the road I want to use different panels in different ways - use some of the panels as “windows” and some as different types of “fasade” for instance.

If I offset with a positive value, 50, I get this result - and the “Offset on Srf” contains one error.

If I offset with a negative value, -50, I get this result - and the “Offset on Srf” contains one error.

Neither positive nor negative offset works on all the panels.

I guess this has something to do with direction of the surfaces or the direction of the surrounding curves, but how can I control this and make all the panels and the surrounding curves behave in the same way?
I want the “facade” and the panels to have a normal vector pointing into the “house” or towards 0,0,0 or the sphere or inside a “room”. How can I achieve this?


Duplicate thread alert. :frowning:

Hi Joseph_Oster,
I’m just trying to be more precise in my asking - English not being my native language - in hope of getting a response that I can learn from.