From birds nest to conventional house - intersection between Brep and plane - first part

I’ll try to divide my previous question into manageable portions,
And I’m still referring to OM. egvo’s video on how to make birds nest, the link is here:

The birds nest has 1 continuous facade, which makes the intersection with 2 planes look like this:

But if I try to do the same with a more traditional house form, I get something like this:

And if I just try to do the intersection with one facade I get both intersections on that plane, like this:

The core question her is, I guess; is there a way to make intersections between all the “facades” of a building behave like the continuous facade of the “birds nest”, or do I have to write parallel code for each of the “facades” separately?


I think you should create single facade surface to Brep | Plane intersections work in desired way.
In current case, extrude curve for example…

Hi Jakinta,
thanks for your reply!

I’ve made an example that works with one single facade surface. In contrast to OM. egvo’s video I offset the curve to both sides to keep it symmetrical around the “system line” and make the beams from that. One question still remains; can this work for multiple facades or do I have to make the same code for each facade?

The next question is; how do I control what side of the surface the “offset surface” result will end up? In this example the beams end up outside the building, I want them on the inside.
Is there a way to determine if the normal vector of the surface points to, say 0,0,0 or the sphere in pop3D or the “inside” of a room, and flip it if it points the wrong way?