Free video : Analyzing Curve Problems & Fixes

Fresh and free this week! LinkedIn Learning / Lynda has a new video titled Analysis: Curve problems and fixes. Check it out.


This is from the course called Rhino Tips Tricks and Techniques. Each week, a free new video is released. Many of the topics were suggested by friendly folks from this fine forum.


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In the video you claim the only way to identify two points on top of each other is by clicking on them and getting the selection menu pop up.

I would probably instead filter out where the problem is by window-selecting 3 or 4 control points and check the command bar if the selected number of control points matches with how many I see selected. Rather than clicking on points one by one…

Never question a professor in class unless you want your grade knocked down a notch…:wink:

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Untrue! In my class, it shows me that the person is paying attention and thinking. The quiet ones are probably checking Facebook.

Thanks for watching and commenting. You are right. It would definitely be more more efficient.

My goal is to introduce the problem, summarize the analysis, and then demonstrate a solution. I can always see another one or two ways to do it better (like yours) but the new information can get cluttered.

Ideally, there should be a command that highlights duplicate points, just like the command that highlights duplicate geometry.

Certainly untrue for the majority! Was being a wise guy…

ALWAYS question anyone with whom one disagrees, or sees otherwise.

It is the reaction, on either side of the question/debate, that is most telling…

You passed…:wink:

EDIT : SelDup Logic Does not work For Control Points it seems

Rhino V6 has a testcommand or there’s script for V5 see here: How to find and identify duplicate CONTROL POINTS?

There is not a command as such but if you turn on Filter then while holding down Ctrl Button click the Point Box in the Filter. Then run SelDup Command and it will only select duplicate pts in the file even if there are duplicates of other geometries etc

By Holding down Ctrl its only activated for one Command/Click so need need to do anything with filter after.

When in a command,
Hold Ctrl if you want Osnaps like, Between, On Crv, Etc .
Hold Shift if you temporarily want just Osnaps for, End, Tan, Etc

Thank you. Very good stuff! I will try these out.

The idea of using filter may also make a great lesson. I will investigate.

I think any tutorial on analyzing the quality of curves, should include Curvaturegraph. For instance, Curvaturegraph would be an easy way to spot the location of stacked control points.

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That is such a a good idea that its already on my list! It will be released in about three weeks. I will alert you.

In fact, I will start posting every week about the free video … That will give folks an ongoing opportunity to make more suggestions.