Free trial License

Hi , I downloaded rhinos 5 to see some drawings that some architects sent me but they wont open since its asking me for some license. I haven’t received any though.

you can buy a license from :

Make sure to check your spam folder! The key is sent by eMail. If you’re still not able to find it, contact McNeel by eMail at and they will be able to send you a trial license.

There is some misinformation here.
The V5 eval does not ask for a license key. It’s the first option on the installer.
After it expires it will lose the ability to Save/Export will will run indefinitely as a viewer.

Since V6 is released now, it’s evaluation DOES have a license key. If the key is validated within the initial 30-day grace period, then it too will run indefinitely as a viewer even after it expires.

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Thanks guys I got the key, thanks for taking out time to reply.