Frames on multiple curves causing unwanted duplicates

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I’m trying to align frames on multiple curves which are following the curvature of the curve itself. In the screenshot you can see they don’t line up perfectly. However when I graft the (t) output of the perp frames component it works. The only problem is that it adds multiple frames on top of each other resulting in unwanted duplicates (Grafting results in 13858 frames). I have 13 curves with 82 frames on each which should result in 1066 total. Could someone explain me how to get the correct result? I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

Pframe along multipe (15.3 KB)

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try flip matrix

use Curve Frames

or you can Graft curves

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Perfect, exactly what I´m looking for. Thanks a lot for your help!
Guess I was using graft at the wrong place…

I want to keep the branch structure how it is without flipping the matrix. The problem was that I was using graft at the wrong place. Thanks though!

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cool, surely, or flip back :crazy_face: