Fluid Simulation

Hi everyone,
I’m interested in fluid simulation and particularly the melting of solids such as metal and wondered if there is a technique for simulating this in Grasshopper?


Image reference - http://www.philippaduatz.com/portfolio-item/melting-chair-design-process/

Even if you manage in Grasshopper, I’m pretty sure there’s much better choices of software out there for fluid physics. You can start with Blender perhaps, it’s not ‘made’ for this either, but it has a good particle and simulation system and the community is helpful.

Thanks, David I’ll check this out!

would be maybe a great project to implement fluid dynamics for analysis and visual purposes. there are not so many which check that box. kind of real flow but also not very scientific, i think that is also more for visual effects.

Try Flexhopper but Realflow or Blender are faster

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