FlowL expired problem?

Hi friends, may I ask how can I solve a problem of when a plugin “FlowL” is appeared “expired”?
(image attached below)

As it’s not a paid plugin and I was still using few months ago, so not sure what’s the problem
Thanks in advance!!

And the GH plugin link is: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/flowl


The message tells you the problem (that the plugin has expired) and what to do.

// Rolf

Ah thanks, so it’s normal a free plugin would “expire”? I thought only paid plugins would expire. I have emailed the FlowL author anyway!

It’s up to the individual developer what they want to do. Expiration is not something that is part of the Grasshopper plugin framework, so if something happens in this area it means the developers put in some effort to make it that way.

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Thanks more explaining the big picture… then i will just see what’s the developer going to say then :slight_smile:

Same for GH2? Is there any intention in this direction?

The goal for future versions of grasshopper is to outsource as much as possible to Yak (aka packagemanager).

FlowL was made pre Grasshoppers native Field components. You can use Grasshoppers field components to produce the same results.

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Thanks Michael I didn’t realize it… Just tried it out with the default components to get the same results! Thanks!!!

I wouldn’t expect too much from the two developers. They had written most of their plugins as students (under Patrick Schumacher), went their separate ways after leaving university for good, and seem to have lost interest in their plugins. At least, they haven’'t updated them.
I know to (from uto) a little and he’s a pompous jerk (pardon my French)!


Developer note.

Hi All,
we updated the version und made it available free to use with no timelock.
Have fun!



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