Open old file with jackalope flow

hi all,
just trying to open an older file containing a jackalope flow component.
Now Grasshopper asks me to download and install jackalope, but then of course does not find the plugin, as its already integrated in later versions of GH.
If I hit “close” and open the file, the flow component is missing and there is no hint where to insert and how to connect it.
What is the official recommendation how to procedd in this case?

Hi -

I take it that you are trying this in Rhino 6? In Rhino 7, you would see a placeholder component that would at least give an idea of the position in the graph.

The only “good” way to deal with graphs that reference components from plug-ins that are either no longer found or not supported on your current platform is to open the graph on the platform that it was created on with the plug-ins that it depends on.

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hi wim,
thanks for the quick reply.
i am trying in rhino 6. but there is no placeholder component, maybe thats different with jackalope components, as they should be there and working, but placed in a different folder (transform instead of jackalope)
i only get lots of orange (=not working) components. from these i can vaguely guess, where to put it, but i think there should be a better way for components, that are there and working …

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Why don’t you post the file?

As @wim wrote, you’d see a placeholder if you were using Rhino 7.

sorry, i did not read exactly. thought there should be a placeholder object in rhino6 too.
as its comission work, i can only post a part of it.
if possible, it would be great if someone could open it in V7 and post a screenshot containing the placeholder.
thanks in advance! (50.3 KB)

This file does not contain any Jackalope component.

Have you opened and saved it in Rhino 6 already?

Do you have the original file?

ah, shit!
yes this was the mistake!
another try with the complete file without referenced 3dm.

If I were you, I’d try to avoid cables going backwards from right to left.

Also your groups do not contain all components so dragging a group results in a mess.

Hope the screenshot helps.

thanks a lot for your help!

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Problem solved?

yes, thanks!

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Can you please click the Solution button :slight_smile:


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