"Flow Disc" CNC Sculpture

Thought you all might enjoy this one. Flow disc carved in ash, 30" diameter, 2.5" depth. I’m @greg.obj on Instagram if you would like to see more of these. Designed in grasshopper, Fusion 360 for G-code, and milled on my Avid CNC.


Beautiful work! I love the straight grain of ash, it works perfectly for this kind of sculpture. It would be great if you could find a 30" wide board instead of 3 x 10" boards!

Have you ever tried machining Linden wood (or lime wood)? It’s supposed to be great for carving and is very light in colour.

Glad you like it! The ash grain does come in nicely. I could do one out of a slab, but it would be extremely expensive especially at a 3" depth. Would have to be cut from a massive tree!

I have not tried linden, I’ll have to look into that.

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Marvelous piece of work, thank you for uploading it.
I am wondering, did you use point milling (with 5 axis CNC machining) for this?
If yes, which method did you use?

Thanks! I used 3 axis milling on my Avid CNC.