Flow Command

Question 1: What is the best command to use that produces the same results as the Flow command in Rhino? Is FlowSpaceMorph the best one / only one to use?

I looked at the documentation here which shows two curves as input and a boolean but when I try to use it I get the following error:

sc is the source curve and tc is the target curve.

Rhino.Geometry.Morphs.FlowSpaceMorph(sc, tc, False)

Message: expected Curve, got tuple

Question 2: Is there a link to the correct documentation for FlowSpaceMorph?

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Hi Mike - what is SC and TC exactly, at the time you are feeding it to the morph? What does that look like in the de-bugger if you put a break point at this line?
Are you typing in Python, or?


@pascal - Is FlowSpaceMorph the closest command to the Flow command in Rhino?

I found an example of how to use the constructor here, but can you please answer the question above. Just want to know fi there’s a better command in Python Script that is the most similar to Flow in Rhino.

Hi MIke - yes - that would be closest to Flow (curve to curve) as far as I know.


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