Flow Object

I need to use the “_Flow” command to create this result, does anyone help me?

Hi David,

I’m not sure what the question is here. Are you just using the Flow command? Are you asking how to flow objects along a curve from a plug-in?

More information on what you are trying to do and why might be helpful to us…

– Dale

Hi @dale ,

Well I’m trying to loop over various objects and trying to launch the “_Flow” command in this way to automate the problem ("_Flow 8,10,0 3,11,6") but it does not work, so try using the Rhino class .Geometry.Morphs.FlowSpaceMorph but my results are not correct, I would need help getting results.

A greeting.

I’ve already found the solution, “_Flow 0,0,0 _Pause 1,1,1”, now I just need to find a way to run the FlowSpaceMorph method …

Hi David,

The inputs to FlowSpaceMorph are pretty straight forward. What problem are you having? Can you post some sample geometry: what you have, what you getting, and what you expect?

One thing to keep in mind is that the directions of the input curves are important. This is why scripting the command can be difficult, as the curves must be property oriented. This is also why FlowSpaceMorph has reverseCurve0 and reverseCurve1 inputs.

– Dale

HI @dale

I need this group of curves …

Flow from this Base Curve …

Select this target curve …

And as a result what you see …

Sorry for my english level, google translator is my friend …

See if this can help.

Amd this…

My apologies, but I still do not understand what problem you are having.

Like I said earlier, can you post some sample geometry: what you have, what you getting, and what you expect?

Screen captures and videos are not helping me understand the issue…

– Dale

Hi @dale, this is the example

I need to get the curve to flow through the straight line (1) and become a fluid object like object (2), using FlowSpaceMorph


Flow.3dm (39.7 KB)

Your shape curve has stacked control points at each end. Removing those, using Rebuild, seems to help.