Flow Along Surface. What I'm doing wrong?

Hi all, it’s me again,

Why can’t use along surface command on this surface and this line? I think it’s a simple command, I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you.
surface curve

Hello - see Help on FlowAlongSrf to see how that command works. I think what you want here is Project from the Front viewport.



I tried, I read step 1, step 2 and the options and nothing. Project is not working on these particular surface and curve. I changed the curve size to match the surface circunference and nothing.

Thank you.

Maybe I am wrong but based on your screenshot it looks like you don’t have a Base surface. FlowAlongSrf requires a Base Surface (unless you are using the plane option which prompts you to draw a plane) and a Target Surface. See the little video on the help page here.

Thank you very much.

Now I understand, you helped a lot!